Efficient. Convenient. Ordering... For Your Students

what we do

At CafeEDU, we will not be producing anything but instead acting as a medium between our student users and our campus cafeterias. Our campuses will supply the food while our users make their selections, helping us eliminate waste one school at a time. 

Recover Lost Funds

Transform your school

No one enjoys throwing away anything of use. We aim to recover the funds school lose each year through wasted food or low cafeteria attendance. 

Manage Your Growth

Stay hip

Technology is constantly evolving as will CafeEDU. Stay current and keep up with all our updates here on our website! With our application each school is able to view their progress and track their success as it unfolds throughout the year.

Rejoice In Your Savings


The best part about OUR partnership is the amount of savings YOUR school will receive! In doing so, further opportunities open up for yourself and your students. Imagine the possibilities!