How it works

Above is where the student will login using their Student ID provided by the school they attend. Upon correct login information the student will then be taken to their home page below. Here they will be able to choose from several options, viewing the menu of the day, the calendar for future dates, their history, and personal settings.

CafeEDU Home login.jpg
CafeEDU Today's Menu.jpg

Ordering made easy

Choosing the menu icon takes our students to see what is on the menu for the current day. There will be designated times prior to the start of school for the students to place orders without the hassle of taking their phones out during class time. On this page students will be allowed to choose the items from each selection in order to register as an effective meal entering into the following nutrition display.


CafeEDU Today's Menu.jpg

We like our students to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies so they can be productive throughout the rest of their day! If unhappy with their selection their is no difficulty in going back and changing their selections. Once they have submitted their selection they will be able to return back to the home menu knowing they have completed all necessary steps. Students will also be able to view their history to review their selections.